Work Title: In The Name of The Rose (Wip)
Single channel video, Duration: 02:46 on loop
Stereo audio, Duration: 02:21 on loop
Riso printed text on Parch Marque Paper with smells, 88.9 x 50.8 mm
Typewritten text on handmade recycled paper with rose petals, 165 x 260 mm x 4
Location: Glasgow
Date: 2022 


In The Name Of The Rose is a 4 parts multi-media installation. It aims to dissect combined sensory experiences and separate them into individual engagements. By examining them one at a time, our particular sensory experiences are heightened, which forces us to focus on one sense at a time. Through the making-sense non-linear editing of our brain, all of these sensuous sensory experiences will be perceived and understood in a continuous timeline and create different narrations. This work attempts to further investigate the relations between singular self and collective self in autobiographical work, and the dominant and submissive position between audio and video. Through the narratives around my own given name 薇 (which means rose in Chinese), moving-image with no sound, an audio piece with headphones for separation, a tactile letter, rotten rose scent, a multi-sensory experience will be presented.

© Wei Zhou