Work Title: Becoming Octopus
Duration: 06:04
Location: Glasgow
Date: 2021


Becoming Octopus explores the tactility of the audio-visual, inquiries the differences between fiction and non-fiction, reality and fantasy, subjectivity and objectivity, closeness and distance through personal memories, and polyamorous erotic fantasies. Instead of an optical way of looking, a haptic looking is suggested by Laura U. Marks, the camera functions as an eye. The eye also touches. The Octopus, a shape-shifter, a soft and moist malleable being, an embodiment of the erotics, a shortsighted sea-creature who knows the world mostly through touching, through muscular intelligence, an embodied cognition which doesn’t necessarily be processed directly by the central brain, the feeling of knowing someone by being physically close. Becoming Octopus attempts to arouse a multi-sensory experience that includes optic, haptic and auditory sensations.